I live outside Canada. Can I get lobsters shipped to me?

Certainly! We have a special form for customers who wish to buy large quantities at wholesale prices (200 lbs or more) and for customers outside Canada. All you need to do is fill the Custom Quote Form and we will get back to you.

What is your shipping policy?

Allowable Mortality: 5%
Allowable Shrinkage: 3%
No credit will be issued for damage caused by airline or during shipping.
Any claims must be within 24 hours of shipments. All reports must be within 6 hours since lobsters arrive.

How do you handle live lobsters? And how do you keep fresh lobsters alive?

Live lobsters are very perishable, and require a controlled salt water environment to remain alive. They do not generally live much more than a day out of water, so ideally, you should cook your lobsters on the day you receive them. (Cooked lobsters will stay fresh for at least three days in the refrigerator.)
Never place lobsters in tap water to try to keep them alive; lobsters are salt water creatures, and fresh will kill them.
The best way to keep lobsters alive at home is to refrigerate them; cover your lobsters with moist seaweed or a damp cloth (which you probably received with the lobsters when they were delivered), and leave them in the refrigerator until ready to cook.

Do I get exactly 30 lbs of lobster in the Special Combo box?

You get nearly the amount of 30 lbs in lobster weight, with a delta of 0.7 lbs in either direction. This is due to the addition of other materials such as ice in your packaging that can cause the weight to shift ever so slightly in either direction.

What are the lobsters packed with?

The 30 lbs box is packed with Styrofoam.

How can you tell if your lobsters arrived alive?

If you ordered live lobsters, they will have been out of water for almost 24 hours when you receive them. Occasionally, one may appear weak or lifeless. This is a normal occurrence. In most cases, as long as the packaging material is in good condition, and the refrigerant is still cold, your lobsters will be fine. The best way to check is to boil the lobster. As long as the lobster’s tail curls when cooked, and the meat in the tail is firm, and in one piece, then the lobster was alive when it was cooked.
Because lobsters require careful packing and prompt shipping, you should only purchase lobsters from a company which offers a 100% guarantee if any lobsters arrive in poor condition.

How do you handle previously cooked lobsters?

If purchased whole lobsters which have already been cooked (and several lobster delivery services offer lobsters boiled in sea water to lock in the “fresh taste of Maine”) you can keep them refrigerated for up to three days. When you are ready to serve them, place them in a pot of rapidly boiling water. When the water returns to a boil, start timing. In just five minutes, your lobsters will be ready to enjoy.

What is the difference between Hard shell and Soft shell lobsters?

Lobsters grow by molting, or by shedding their shells each year. Just after they molt, they are soft and fragile until their new shell has hardened, and they aew known as new shell or soft shell lobsters, sometimes called “shedders.” After their new shell hardens, they are known as hard shell lobsters.
Soft shell are tender, sweet, and delicious, and represent about 90% of the catch during the summer months. They are prized by maine natives, and are less expensive than hardshell lobsters as well, but they contain less meat than a hard shell lobster of the same size, because their body has not yet grown into its new shell, and so the lobster’s shell is larger than its body.
Soft shell (or new shell) shell lobsters do not travel well, and should not be purhcased for live delivery; most reputable companies will not even try to ship live soft shell lobsters because they are unlikely to survive the journey. Some companies do, however, offer precooked whole soft shell lobsters.

How does a lobster grow?

An adult female lobster will produce approximately 10,000 eggs when she is fertile. Each egg is the size of the head of a pin. As they grow, the eggs are held under the mothers tail with a special glue-like substance. The female will carry her eggs for almost a year. Then the eggs are released as larvae. It has been estimated that less than 1% of the eggs will survive to grow into an adult.
Lobsters grow by molting, or shedding their shells. Just after they molt, they are soft and fragile until their new shell has hardened. During this time, the lobster buries itself in the mud to hide from its natural enemies. When they are young, an immature lobster will molt several times each year. It takes approximately seven years for a lobster to grow to legal harvesting size (1-1 1/4 lb.). At this age, they molt just once a year, usually during the summer months. Each molt will increase their size by 1/4 lb. on average. When lobsters get older, they will often skip years, and molt less frequently.